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sirbartonslady's icon journal
various and sundry icons for download
May 4th, 2008 
08:50 pm - 100 DGM bases
DGM - Lavi

I was pruning out my screencaps folders, and got the urge to make some more screencaps. So here we go. 100 grand total. I only got through the first fourteen episodes, alas, before I got tired. But I don't imagine too many of you will be horribly disappointed.

[ x ] Comment please ^_^ I like comments cuz they encourage me to do more. ;)
[ x ] Credit appreciated but not necessary - if you do credit, credit sbl_icons (preferred) or blueshimmer
[ x ] No hotlinking
[ x ] Enjoy!
[ x ] Spread the word!


Watch out for falling stuff, Komui's been a naughty boyCollapse )
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